Providing our clients with market information
that is timely,accurate, reliable, relevant
and unbiased.



Physical trade of oilseeds and vegetable oils from the Black Sea origins to EU and Mediterranean destinations.


With over 50 years of experience in trading, we provide a comprehensive service to our trade partners.



  • Sunflower Oil

  • Rapeseed Oil

  • Soybean Oil

  • Corn Oil

  • Groundnut Oil

  • Linseed Oil




  • Soybeans

  • Sunflower Seeds

  • Rapeseeds

  • Linseeds

  • Safflower

  • Camelina




  • Yellow Peas

  • Chick Peas

  • Red & Green Lentils

  • Faba Beans




  • Sunmeal Pellets

  • Rapeseed Meal Pellets

  • Soyameal

  • Wheat Bran Pellets

  • Sugar Beat Pulp Pellets

  • Corn Gem

  • The Sunstone team has knowledge of all aspects of the supply chain: trading, crushing, logistics, distribution, farming and shipping.

  • We bring this expertise to our clients every day to try to improve their decision making process.

  • Daily market reports provide our clients with thought provoking analysis that identifies market drivers and gives objective opinions.

  • Views on macro economic factors with global supply and demand try to give an 'outside the box' angle.

  • Our responsibility is to provide our clients with relevant, timely, accurate, reliable and unbiased information for price discovery.

  • As Merchants of Information we are consistent, complete, unique, and objective to help our clients make informed decisions.

  • Our Operations team has decades of experience in the administration and execution of commodity contracts.

  • We provide Operations excellence through accurate and timely contracts with rigorous follow up that continues until the seller is paid and all allowances and claims are settled.

  • Signatories to the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act our integrity is crucial. We believe that 'my word is my bond'. remains a cornerstone of the commodity trade.

  • Being small we always respect our clients wishes for discretion. With few employees and commodity focus there is limited risk of information 'leakage'.

  • We give ideas to our clients from our understanding of the economics of markets and the effect of price. With our cloud based business management, all information is available on line to partners permanently.

  • With live back up and automated synchronization we operate a decentralized structure that gives access to personnel whatever their location.


Jonathan Grange

Jonathan Grange has extensive commodity trading experience mainly in Agriculture and specifically Oilseeds & Vegetable oils. He learnt to trade with LDC in Paris in the 80’s and was head of softseeds & vegoils for Andre, Switzerland in the 90’s.

In 2001 he started an IT company in India and then spent time in Ukraine farming.  He has worked as a cash broker since 2011 starting the Oilseeds department for a Swiss grain broker.

In early 2016 he started Sunstone Brokers with Sergiy. The company tries to deliver comprehensive market understanding, integrity, innovation whilst being a sounding board for clients. A great believer in fundamental analysis and the impact of macroeconomics on commodity price he writes irregular, slightly quirky, sometimes politically incorrect market reports.


Sergiy Repetskiy

Sergiy  qualified as an avionic engineer, spending 10 years service in the  Ukraine Air Force. With a PhD in risk management, he started a carrier with Marubeni Corporation, trading ferroalloys, non-ferrous metals, milk powder and chemicals in Ukraine.

After an MBA in 2007, he joined Glencore as asset and project manager in agribusiness and was responsible for M&A, development of new projects and farming business. Sergiy was working with Bunge from 2012 as Deputy oilseeds crush and  Director responsible from origination to crush of sunflower seeds.   

He has extensive experience in trading of sunflower, soybean oil and  meals. Sergiy has an extensive network with the  biggest oilseeds growers, crushers and refiners from Ukraine and Russia.


Ermir Sadikoglu

Ermir worked in textile sales while studying at university. After graduation in 2007 he joined Bunge Turkey becoming supervisor for oils & oilseeds execution and sales manager for refined oils. In 2011 he and 3 colleagues joined Tiryaki Agro to create the Oilseeds and feedstuffs department. 2 years later Bunge tempted him back as Soya bean and feedstuffs trader.

In early 2015 he joined Actava Trading Istanbul as a Commodity broker specialising in oilseeds and feedstuffs. In October 2016 he joined Sunstone to open a new Istanbul office for the company to develop Oilseeds and Vegoil trading but will surely be looking into feedstuffs as well.


M: +90 533 556 7444

Osmancan Cubuk

Osmancan, born and raised in Izmir-Turkey, moved to Istanbul for University where he studied Economics. Started his professional life in Athens as a Dry Cargo Shipbroker while attending ICS program there in 2010. He returned to Istanbul to start working as a Trade Specialist at Arkas Line, managing container vessels.

In 2013 joined Tiryaki Agro Pulse desk as Trader handling all processed pulse products until moving to Agrozan DMCC in 2016 to Dubai. Managed all Eti Maden mineral exports to African continent as a Trader in Vunani Resources in 2018 before joining Sunstone Brokers.


M: +90 530 310 0908

Sophia Artaoui

Sophia has always been exposed to international trade and travelling with her family. She has a French university degree in international shipping & trade. Her 1st job was with a Swiss commodity broking company where she handled operations and execution for 3 years. In 2015 she moved into full time broking working in oilseeds and pulses.

Sophia is focused on soybeans, rapeseed, and sunseed  in the Black Sea origin and Mediterranean / EU destinations.


M: +41 78 890 83 26

Jocelyn Gallet

Jocelyn started his commodity career in 2010 as a cash broker. He initially worked with containers to Far East destinations but very shortly after he assisted Jonathan with starting the oilseeds department for a Swiss grain broker. He has worked with vegoils, oilseeds and feedstuffs throughout the years and has a solid knowledge of physical markets.

He joined SSB in 2019 looking after the Mediterranean destinations business as well as developing the feedstuffs desk. He speaks English, French & Spanish.


M: +41 79 124 69 03


Operations are followed by Riveocean Commodities Services Sarl based in Lausanne.Riveocean provide extensive support and services to the trade by monitoring the operations for the account of their partners.

Monique Fremy (co founder) is a former employee of Louis Dreyfus Company where she spent most of her career (1984-2007) in the trade execution before founding Riveocean 12 years ago.

Alexandra Douesnard, is employed by Riveocean Commodities Services Sarl, as Assistant for Trade Execution.