We provide a comprehensive service to our trade partners.



With over 50 years of experience in trading, crushing, logistics, distribution, farming, shipping, the Sunstone team has knowledge of all aspects of the supply chain. We bring this expertise to our clients every day to try to improve their decision making process.


Daily market reports provide our clients with thought provoking analysis that identifies market drivers and gives objective opinions. Views on macro economic factors with global supply and demand try to give an 'outside the box' angle.


We have a responsibility to provide our clients with relevant, timely, accurate, reliable and unbiased information for price discovery. As Merchants of Information we have to be consistent, complete, unique, and objective to  help our clients make informed decisions.



Our Operations team has decades of experience in the administration and execution of commodity contracts. We provide Operations excellence through accurate and timely contracts with rigorous follow up that continues until the seller is paid and all allowances and claims are settled.


Signatories to the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act our integrity is crucial. We believe that  'my word is my bond'.  remains a cornerstone of the commodity trade.  Being small we always respect our clients wishes for discretion. With few employees and commodity focus there is limited risk of information 'leakage'.


We give ideas to our clients from our understanding of the economics of  markets and the effect of price. Early technology adopters we have cloud based business management where all information is available on line to all partners permanently. With live back up and automated synchronization we operate a decentralized structure that gives access to personnel whatever their location.